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Kiloserve Dedicated

Company: Kiloserve

Hosting plan URL: http://kiloserve.com/main/Proxy

Price per month: $129.99

Disk space: 240 GB

Bandwidth allocation: 2000 GB per month

Operating system: Linux

Control panel included: DirectAdmin

Contract length: 1 months

Features: Basic configuration plus options below. Custom dedicated plans based on your needs are possible upon request.

Basic Configuration
* Dual Opteron 246
* 2x120 GB drive
* 100 Mbit port, 2000GB monthly transfer
* Setup 1 day
* DirectAdmin Control Panel
* $24.99 setup
* $129.99 a month

In addition
* Upgrade to 2x250GB hard drive for $20 a month more
* Upgrade to 4GB RAM for $10 a month more
* Upgrade to Quad Core for $50 more a month or $300 one time free
* Add extra IPs at $1.99 each

Blurb: Flexible, quality dedicated hosting with excellent support