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Zelune.com Novice Plan

Company: Zelune.com

Hosting plan URL: http://www.zelune.com/

Price per month: $10.00

Disk space: 1 GB

Bandwidth allocation: 100 GB per month

Operating system: CentOS

Control panel included: DirectAdmin

Contract length: 1 months

Features: All accounts include unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email forwarders & accounts (providing you stay within your space limit), several add-on domains, an FTP account per 100GB, CRON, many stats software inc. AwStats, Custom Error Pages & much more.

Blurb: All new sign-ups will be hosted on an AMD Athlon X2 4000+ server. We run DirectAdmin to ensure minimal resource use, yet keep ease of use high. For a demo of DirectAdmin before you purchase, please visit the DirectAdmin demo page.

Please note we only host proxies based on PHP4 (cURL supported), so unfortunately we don't allow proxies using the CGI Proxy script.